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The Divorce Financial Planner Training Center provides advanced training to CDFA® holders around the country, bridging the gap between certification and a successful practice built to serve the life you want to live. Courses range from business building to leadership mindset to advanced skills and techniques. Wherever you are in your business, we have training to propel you to the next level.

Our courses are for those who want to GET READY, GET REAL, GET RESULTS!
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The American Association of Certified QDRO Professionals (AACQP™) has been established to create uniformity and for candidates & members to maintain a high standard of quality concerning business professionals involved with the preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations
Orders. To achieve this standard of quality AACQP has developed courses, exams and practical exercises intended to certify that an individual is fully prepared to service clients with regard to Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and any other related issues. AACQP bestows upon a candidate meeting these standards as a Certified QDRO Specialist (CQS). The AACQP Certification Board is responsible for maintaining a high standard of quality within the certification program and is also tasked with maintaining a professional organization that represents the profession of QDRO Specialist and Analysts.

The American Association of Certified QDRO Professionals offers educational training and certification programs to CDFAs, CPAs, attorneys, paralegals, investment advisors, and Human Resources professionals related to qualified domestic relations orders and issues surrounding QDROs in divorce. The Certified QDRO Specialist (CQS™) and Certified QDRO Analyst (CQA™) is are certification programs for those interested in drafting QDROs and related court orders dividing retirement plans and is based on nearly 30 years of experience, college courses and CLE programs devoted to QDROs, including requirements companies need to qualify domestic relations orders.

Enhance your revenues and your marketability.
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At Vesta, we have built a better way for people to navigate the divorce process by providing access to expert advice, professional counseling, and a community of support. Our localized hubs in Massachusetts and Southern California offer no-cost in-person and virtual events, concierge services, and vetted professionals from the range of services needed before, during, and after divorce, including legal, financial, emotional, real estate, mortgage specialists and health and wellness. In addition to expert one-on-one services, our professionals collaborate to provide a consolidated system of comprehensive, supportive care. Vesta’s integrated, efficient approach improves the experience and outcomes of the divorce process, and can effectively lower the associated costs. Vesta clients consistently report reduced anxiety and isolation – they deeply appreciate our professionals’ expert guidance throughout the divorce process, and they highly value participation in our supportive Vesta community.
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Whether you are an insurance professional, financial advisor, attorney, CPA, or other professional providing guidance to clients and their families, it is critical to understand that their needs extend well beyond asset accumulation, income distribution, and estate planning. Today, working in these markets requires knowledge of long-term care and what decisions must be made well before care is needed in order to protect families from the emotional, physical and financial devastation that a need for extended care can cause.

The Certification in Long-Term Care (CLTC) designation was created in 1999. It focuses on the discipline of extended care planning. It provides professionals the critical tools necessary to discuss the subject of longevity and its consequences on their client’s family and finances. Students learn how to mitigate these consequences by developing a plan to protect their clients and their families.
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Markel Cambridge offers Errors & Omissions Insurance for RIAs. It has insured this niche for more than 25 years and has a strong reputation in the advisor community as a result of its industry expertise, stable premiums, and excellent claims management services. Experienced staff specializes in policy customization and risk management strategies.

In addition to management liability and tax preparation coverage options, the program now offers cyber liability and data breach coverage as an optional endorsement to its E&O policies. Policy premiums can vary greatly from as low as $1,000 or as high as $100,000.
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Through leadership in attraction and retention and a unique focus on mentoring and networking, WIFS is the largest women’s association empowering women financial professionals to succeed. Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS) was founded in 1936 and is an association of financial services professionals working together to attract, develop and advance women. We champion career opportunities, provide professional development and represent women’s interests to the profession. No other financial services professional organization provides programming designed for women, by women.

Membership is comprised of industry leaders, client-facing and allied professionals who benefit from National and local chapter services. Our vision is to be the global change leader inspiring women to achieve their dreams.
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XY Planning Network is the leading organization supporting financial advisors who provide fee-for-service financial planning to Generation X & Generation Y clients. XYPN is a turnkey financial planning platform, providing everything from compliance support to the technology necessary to start, run, and grow (or transition to) a fee-only RIA doing real financial planning for next-generation clients, with real independence, and access to a real community of like-minded advisors.

Family Law Software is software for analyzing and reporting the financial aspects of divorce. Family Law Software is a detailed and comprehensive financial planning tool, handling automatic tax calculations, growth of investments, liquidations (including tax and penalties on liquidations), required minimum distributions of IRAs and 401(k)’s, the impact of timing on Social Security payments, defined benefit pension valuations, spousal support present value calculations, what-if scenarios, the tax impact of spousal support, and much more.
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The platform is designed to support the day-to-day document and reporting workflow between clients and divorce professionals. Digitally work with clients to gather and organize all case and financial data, creating Net Worth and Income and Expense reports (with synced banking for immediate primary source transaction data), build spending plans, enjoy one-click access to all tagged and searchable documents, and seamlessly share real-time with the entire team. Multi-factor authentication and bank-level encryption provides the privacy and security you need to streamline your workflow.

The user-centric visual and intuitive design combined with robust software tools, finally erases the fundamental inefficiencies and high cost of mining statements and receipts for data, circulating outdated paperwork, losing documentation, and most of all the endless time to go through emails and locate the hundreds of pdfs on each case. Empower your clients with access to a digital dashboard for an on-going case and post-divorce organization.
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Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Second Saturday is the critically acclaimed divorce workshop founded in 1989 by nationally renowned advocates/wealth managers Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall. Second Saturday offers non-biased financial, emotional and legal advice from qualified local professionals, providing people with the knowledge, support, resources and trust that they need to survive the divorce process and move forward with confidence toward a new life.
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Since 2016, Collaborative Planning Group has been a leading independent insurance brokerage providing high-quality disability, long-term care, and life insurance solutions. After spending years working for a single large entity, founder Eryka Morehead decided it was time to break the mold to do insurance a different way. With the sole aim of providing the best options available across the market, CPG focuses on the needs of the client to be able to get them exactly what they need.

As independent insurance brokers, CPG is also able to evaluate the client’s current policies to determine if they are still the most effective or if changes need to be made. CPG works alongside financial advisors, attorneys, and other professionals to provide the most well-rounded services possible for clients.

A small business, Collaborative Planning Group, keeps its focus on the people – valuing honesty and integrity above all else. CPG vows to always operate with 100%objectivity and transparency, without regard to compensation. The family atmosphere within the office is extended to every client with whom CPG works.
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Toews was founded in 1995 on the idea that protecting one’s assets is the first priority and growing them is a close second. In an attempt to achieve market returns and avoid extreme losses, we build strategies with two imperatives. First, we assume worst-case scenarios will potentially happen and attempt to capitalize on significant market declines. We simultaneously assume that best-case scenarios will potentially happen. Our strategies are positioned to attempt to gain if markets stretch higher but are built to attempt to protect if markets fall. Our process is not primarily based on subjective or predictive methodology. It has used a heavily researched and price-reactive algorithms that provide signals for investment exit and re-entry points.

Toews also runs the Behavioral Investing Institute which specializes in the training of investment advisors in the practical application of Behavioral Finance. Our training program guides advisors from framework training to implementation using tools that attempt to change investor’s default emotional response to various behavioral investing challenges that they may confront.
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